Kyle Cutcliffe

Kyle is having the most fun with the marketing of our homes. He continues to take our marketing to unsurpassed levels. This year he purchased a 3D camera and a drone. His 3D model tours, videos and drone shots have made us the talk of the industry. Check them out on our Cronin Team Facebook page. 


I grew up in the real estate industry. My mother, Sharon, has sold real estate my entire life and started RE/MAX On the River when I was very young. I have a great understanding of the real estate industry and love continuing to push its marketing boundaries to new levels. This website and everything on it was created by myself and the Cronin Team. 

I'm not the best writer so I am going to share more about me and some of my other passions through video. 

I love playing basketball. 3v3, 5v5 or just me and my headphones.

I am a Volunteer Firefighter with the West Newbury Fire Department.

I enjoy making videos and story telling.

I coach Pentucket Youth Football.

I've traveled to a few cool places and love to be outside, be adventurous, work hard and have fun.